FoFC asks Planning Commission to vote in favor of restoring and protecting the Monocacy River

Matt Seubert, Advisor to Friends of Frederick County, asks the Planning Commission to support the Monocacy River Management Plan (October 18, 2017) Our objectives tonight are to convince you, and hopefully some of the landowners here, that this is a good plan and should be adopted.  The program here is a communal path to mutual prosperity […]

Thousands of citizens ask Monocacy River Board to advocate for river protection!

Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County 1000 Friends of Maryland ● Audubon MD-DC ● Audubon Society of Central Maryland Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley ● Cleanwater Linganore ● Clean Water Action Climate Change Working Group ● Coalition for Smarter Growth ● Envision Frederick County ● Frederick Zero Waste Alliance Friends of Frederick County […]

Citizen letter to Mayor McClement questions $27.8M taxpayer subsidies for corporate Marriott

July 6,2017 To the Mayor McClement and Board of Aldermen: Seven weeks ago you [Mayor McClement] claimed that NO PUBLIC MONEY would be going toward the Downtown Hotel and Conference Center; that in fact, Plamondon, the developer was paying for his Hotel and Conference center all by himself! That doesn’t ring true to me. Already, […]

Is there a proposed development that might threaten your community or environment? Evaluate it.

Check out this check list: A 2-page Checklist from our friends at Community & Environmental Defense Services to help evaluate any proposed activity that might threaten your community or environment. Topics covered in the checklist are: · Clean Water, · Traffic Congestion & Safety, · Schools Overcrowding & Safe Streets, · Tree & Forest […]

CALL TO ACTION: support Monocacy River Plan!

You May Have Heard About the Monocacy River Plan: those against it are much louder than we are! You may have heard about the controversy over the Monocacy River Plan. Unfortunately some of the information circulating is untrue and is just being used to fuel a fire and disrupt ensuring our clean drinking water. We […]

Contamination of Frederick City’s Drinking Water with Polluted County Surface Water

Clean Streams, Healthy Drinking Water Read the full report: Contamination of Frederick City’s Drinking Water with Polluted County Surface Water. Frederick City get its water from Linganore Creek (42.4 %), the Monocacy River (28.6 %), the Potomac River (16.4 %) and from Fishing Creek (12.6 %). In 2013 City of Frederick tap water violated federal health […]

The polluted Monocacy River, our collective stewardship and collaboration

Published in the FNP 12/20/16 As someone who drinks public water that comes from the Monocacy River, I care about its cleanliness. Like everyone, I respect personal property rights, but I also respect taxpayer rights. So when I read about the hoopla at last week’s meeting over a plan to restore the polluted Monocacy River […]

Frederick City is a jewel, easily lost forever with one bad decision

Downtown Marriott Hotel There are many reasons to be concerned about the way this Downtown Marriott Hole project has evolved, most notably a troubling lack of transparency in the financing process. But at the root of it all is something more fundamental: our collective inability to imagine Frederick city and as the jewel that is, […]

SGAFC asks Planning Commission to Restore Public Process

Friends of Frederick County joins the Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County (SGAFC) to request Planning Commission support of Council Bill 16-10, APFO with DRRA. The proposed bill will restore the longstanding public process of considering an application for rezoning separately from a Developers Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) and the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance […]

Preventing Development Impacts – Flooding, Traffic, Aquatic Resources & School Overcrowding

Community & Environmental Defense Services sent us these helpful links/webpages for information about preventing development impacts.   A ratio of more than 20 students per teacher is generally considered undesirable.  In fact, 12 states have adopted laws requiring a ratio of 20 students or less per teacher.     Flooding & Watershed Development; and Traffic, […]