Wind energy: facts and opinions / our 2010 Wind Survey

In Frederick, Washington and Carroll County there are wind energy system permits that limit total system heights to 150′ with the maximum power production per system stated at 50 kw.  There is no wind energy permit process in Montgomery County: other counties are in the process of considering permits.

As there is interest in finding more renewable energy sources to power our state, Land and Cultural Preservation Fund worked to get support from the  Maryland Energy Administration 2009 EmPOWER Clean Energy Communities Education and Outreach program to find out what you think about wind power in your community.

The 2010 survey focused on small and medium-sized wind turbines, and not utility or commercial-scale wind farms.   Read the survey results here.  

Definitions to help understand the survey results:

  • Small Wind (less than 100 kW)
  • Medium Wind (100 kW and up to abt. 1 MW)
  • Community Wind (locally owned projects: offset local electrical needs first.)
  • Not “wind farms” in the mountains or offshore

Images to help show the relative size and scale of Small Wind and Medium Wind projects compared with commercial/large-wind systems.

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(source:  WINDUSTRY a wind-energy educational organization (

Do YOU Like the Look of Wind Turbines?

Some people are nostalgic, love them and think they are romantic.  Others think of them as intrusive.  Recall that people hated cell towers…yet as everyone needed better reception, cell towers have crept onto our viewscapes.  And power lines….if the choice is wind turbines or power lines, what’s YOUR vote?

The 2010 Wind Survey results helped enable individuals, farms, businesses and municipalities make good decisions about investing in the appropriate small and medium-sized wind energy systems for their sites.  This information is also useful to share with legislators so that your desires may be better understood.  In sum, this survey was helpful to:

  • promote appropriate incentives
  • minimize challenges in permitting
  • help community planners and legislators

 Questions about the survey?  Contact: