Our history:  we organized, we learned, we educated, we grew.

Since 2007 we’ve been busy growing our team and doing great work on behalf of our community. Over the years many citizens passionate about clean water, safe roads, strong schools, healthy food and energy production challenges have approached us with their concerns. We recognize that big changes to the way business is done in our county and region takes many brains and many hands. We organized, we learned, we educated, we grew.

A broader scope, a clear vision for healthy, vibrant, diverse and resilient communities.

We are now a 4 organization team supported by the non profit (501c3) Land and Cultural Preservation Fund, Inc (LCPF) with a broader scope and clear vision. Each organization has its own mission that supports the Fund’s overall vision of healthy, vibrant, diverse and resilient communities. The focus of our work is in Frederick County and surrounding jurisdictions. However, when opportunities arise to work elsewhere within the Chesapeake Bay watershed– to carry out a project that will serve as a model or help us learn so that we can better serve our neck of the woods – we just might do it.

Read about the work we are doing:  Friends of Frederick County, Community F.A.R.E,  Stream Link Education or Community Renewable Energy (all LCPF organizations).

Thank you!

Many of you have helped us along the way by volunteering at events and for signature drives, sharing posts on social media, donating support, speaking out at public hearings and more. We thank you for that, and we ask that you stick around to learn more – and bear with us until we get the social media pieces put together so they work best to educate, inform and engage. And, let us know more about you. Send us an email at admin@l-cpf.org, sign on to our facebook pages (facebook.com/foffc   facebook.com/communityfare ).   Sign up to receive our (periodic) newsletter.

LCPF Inc.  (a 501c3 non profit) supports 4 active organizations working to create healthy, vibrant, diverse and resilient communities.