Sources of information on renewable energy

Maryland Assembly

2010 MARYLAND ASSEMBLY HB 801 re Net Metering
In April the Maryland Assembly passed HB 801 that now allows renewable energy producers with net meters to obtain a cash payment from the Utilities for power they produce in excess of the amount they use.  Previously, net-metered system owners did not heve the opportunity to be reimbursed.  This bill is being challenged for a variety of elements by the Utility companies.

Community-Owned Wind Farms

An educational organization providing education and tool-kits on progressive renewable energy solutions. They empower communities to develop and own wind energy as an environmentally sustainable asset.

Wind Energy Grants

Maryland Energy Administration
Offers information and advice about energy conservation, current programs, and updates.

Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Grants
“DSIRE” Information (Directory of State/Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy)

American Wind Energy Association
National Manufacturer’s Trade Organization for Wind Energy Systems.

National Renewable Energy Labs – Wind
Includes links to “Wind for Schools” and other educationally-driven projects.