FoFC asks Planning Commission to vote in favor of restoring and protecting the Monocacy River

Matt Seubert, Advisor to Friends of Frederick County, asks the Planning Commission to support the Monocacy River Management Plan (October 18, 2017) Our objectives tonight are to convince you, and hopefully some of the landowners here, that this is a good plan and should be adopted.  The program here is a communal path to mutual prosperity […]

SAVE the Birely Tannery! – HPC Vote, Thursday Sept 14 @ 6pm, City Hall –

PRINT OUT SAVE BIRELY TANNERY FLYER HERE!  Please share with neighbors and friends. Birely Tannery must remain to demonstrate to citizens and visitors alike, that Carroll Creek is more than a new concrete aqueduct, that a living creek useful to industry is historically integral to downtown Frederick’s prosperity and development. Birely Tannery represents our last […]

7/31 (Tuesday) @ 6pm FINAL PUBLIC HEARING on rezoning proposals at Oakdale High School

Information on the 2012 Rezoning   In April 2010 the Gardner Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) signed a 20 year Comprehensive Plan that: meets state growth projections to provide 36,100 new homes for people moving to Maryland over 20 years;  and minimizes cost to taxpayers by building those new homes within or adjacent to municipalities […]

FNP: Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite

    Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Bumper-to-bumper traffic and tax increases could arise from a current effort to rewrite the county land-use plan, leaders of two local nonprofit groups said Tuesday.Estimating that more than 10,000 acres of farmland and open space could give […]

Gazette article on FoFC meeting with Commissioner Gray on FY2012 budget

Published: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Commissioner finds friends in opposition to budget by Margarita Raycheva and Sherry Greenfield Staff Writers Frederick County Commissioner David P. Gray (R) does not stand alone in his opposition to the county’s’ $449 million budget for next year. Friends of Frederick County is backing Gray’s concerns about the way commissioners […]

03-01-2011 Country wide APFO for schools on annexed land repealed FNP headline: Ordinance repeal will crowd Frederick County schools

Speakers: Ordinance repeal will crowd Frederick County schools Originally published March 02, 2011 By Patti S. Borda The Frederick County Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday to repeal the ordinance that has applied the county adequate public facilities schools test to certain properties in municipalities since November 2009.The ordinance was not applied in practice before several municipalities […]