Monrovia Town Center agreement nullified!

As many are well aware, FoFC has been working to ensure adequate public facilities for all developments in Frederick County, Monrovia Town Center is no exception.  FoFC supported the founding of RALE  – an organization that has done superb work on behalf of the citizens living in the Monrovia area.  Finally after many years of […]

High Quality Food Production and Carbon Sequestration

HIGH QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTION AND CARBON SEQUESTRATION (message from Biodiversity for a Livable Climate)   Independent researcher and consultant Michael Locklear will be speaking about combining high quality food production with carbon sequestration this Saturday, March 11 at 2 PM at the Friends Meeting House in Annapolis. This talk is sponsored by the Climate Stewards […]

Is there a proposed development that might threaten your community or environment? Evaluate it.

Check out this check list: A 2-page Checklist from our friends at Community & Environmental Defense Services to help evaluate any proposed activity that might threaten your community or environment. Topics covered in the checklist are: · Clean Water, · Traffic Congestion & Safety, · Schools Overcrowding & Safe Streets, · Tree & Forest […]

Community Renewable Energy’s opinion on large solar fields

Excerpt from full letter submitted by Community Renewable Energy, a project of the Land and Cultural Preservation Fund, Inc. a tax-exempt, 501c3 not for profit organization.  It is my opinion that there should be a strong preference for renewable energy projects in this order: a. For ownership and direct economic benefit/use by the site-owner b. For distributed […]

FNP: Monrovia Town Center protesters gather downtown

Monrovia Town Center protesters gather downtown Plan would put 1,510 houses, commercial development on hundreds of acres east of Ed McClain Road Originally published January 17, 2013By Patti S. Borda  Photo by Adam Fried Pam Abramson, co-founder of Residents Against Landsale Expansion, holds a sign Wednesday in downtown Frederick opposing a proposed Monrovia Town Center. ON […]

FNP: resident concerned that we are losing the county to sprawl

Losing Frederick County to sprawl Originally published February 03, 2012 Frederick County is a beautiful farming community, but it is rapidly becoming only a suburb of Washington. Traffic is increasing, crime is increasing, crowding of schools is increasing.There soon will be no lovely scenery beside U.S. 15 as you drive toward the Catoctin Mountains in […]

PlanMaryland makes good economic sense

Frederick County might lobby against its own economic best interest? It’s our money BoCC is spending Originally published November 09, 2011   The Board of County Commissioners might join with other counties to hire a lobbyist who will “follow” PlanMaryland. Following is one thing, but spending our tax dollars lobbying to sabotage it is another.PlanMaryland […]

FoFC Board Chair weighs in: Our state needs PlanMaryland

Our state needs PlanMaryland Originally published August 31, 2011, published August 31, 2011   The Frederick News-Post’s Aug. 26 editorial falsely portrays PlanMaryland in shades of red and blue. Plan Maryland is not about pitting Republicans against Democrats, nor is it about property rights. It is about sound decision-making and building communities where they make […]

FNP: Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite

    Nonprofits object to Frederick County land-use plan rewrite Originally published September 07, 2011  By Bethany Rodgers Bumper-to-bumper traffic and tax increases could arise from a current effort to rewrite the county land-use plan, leaders of two local nonprofit groups said Tuesday.Estimating that more than 10,000 acres of farmland and open space could give […]

FNP article: “County receives about 200 rezoning requests”

County receives about 200 rezoning requests Originally published July 20, 2011 By Bethany Rodgers The New Market and Linganore regions are the focus of a high volume of requests by property owners for changes to Frederick County’s comprehensive plan, a county official said Tuesday.The county commissioners voted in May to revisit the 2010 comprehensive plan […]