FoFC asks Planning Commission to vote in favor of restoring and protecting the Monocacy River

Matt Seubert, Advisor to Friends of Frederick County, asks the Planning Commission to support the Monocacy River Management Plan (October 18, 2017)

Our objectives tonight are to convince you, and hopefully some of the landowners here, that this is a good plan and should be adopted.  The program here is a communal path to mutual prosperity by restoring not just a tremendous ecological resource, but our environment at large that provides our very life support.  Clean water, clean air, and plants and animals are all things we can’t live without.  A healthy Monocacy improves the quality of life for everyone who drinks from the River, fishes from it, or just wants to be on it. Once people begin to realize this, we sincerely hope a constructive, rational two-way dialogue can begin.  It’s really about ALL of us. 

READ Matt’s full testimony here.