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Welcome to Land and Cultural Preservation Fund, Inc (LCPF).  Most likely you have landed here because you are involved in one of the organizations LCPF supports – or wish to be.    Members of our community volunteer hundreds of hours monthly to Friends of Frederick County, Community F.A.R.E, Stream Link Education or Community Renewable Energy (all LCPF organizations) – to keep our home healthy, vibrant, diverse and resilient.  Please join us in this quest!


What’s happening in our community to keep it healthy,

vibrant, diverse and resilient!


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Addressing the local food challenge in our Livable Frederick Master Plan

As a participant on the Agricultural Preservation and Economic Development Working Group for the Livable Frederick Master Planning, some of Community FARE’s recommendations made it into the DRAFT plan (see pg 122).  Check them out! Goal: Good Nutrition  Facilitate the beneficial, physical and mental health outcomes of eating healthy foods by ensuring that healthy food choices […]


Regenerative Agriculture: for soil, water, biological diversity, animal and human health

(Febr 21st 2018) Check out the data in Lisa’s slide show.  Ron Holter of Holterholm Farms gave a terrific introduction into rotational grazing, forb diversity, soil health and the striking economic gains when favoring the biological strategies versus chemical.


Our community, Our environment November 2017

Click here to read and access links in Our Community, Our Environment news for November 2017 !

Community FARE 1

A MUST listen for “local food” buyers in the U.S.A.

The deck is stacked against family farmers. Here’s one rancher’s powerful response. 


FoFC asks Planning Commission to vote in favor of restoring and protecting the Monocacy River

Matt Seubert, Advisor to Friends of Frederick County, asks the Planning Commission to support the Monocacy River Management Plan (October 18, 2017) Our objectives tonight are to convince you, and hopefully some of the landowners here, that this is a good plan and should be adopted.  The program here is a communal path to mutual prosperity […]


Monrovia Town Center agreement nullified!

As many are well aware, FoFC has been working to ensure adequate public facilities for all developments in Frederick County, Monrovia Town Center is no exception.  FoFC supported the founding of RALE  – an organization that has done superb work on behalf of the citizens living in the Monrovia area.  Finally after many years of […]


SAVE the Birely Tannery! – HPC Vote, Thursday Sept 14 @ 6pm, City Hall –

PRINT OUT SAVE BIRELY TANNERY FLYER HERE!  Please share with neighbors and friends. Birely Tannery must remain to demonstrate to citizens and visitors alike, that Carroll Creek is more than a new concrete aqueduct, that a living creek useful to industry is historically integral to downtown Frederick’s prosperity and development. Birely Tannery represents our last […]


Thousands of citizens ask Monocacy River Board to advocate for river protection!

Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County 1000 Friends of Maryland ● Audubon MD-DC ● Audubon Society of Central Maryland Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley ● Cleanwater Linganore ● Clean Water Action Climate Change Working Group ● Coalition for Smarter Growth ● Envision Frederick County ● Frederick Zero Waste Alliance Friends of Frederick County […]


Citizen letter to Mayor McClement questions $27.8M taxpayer subsidies for corporate Marriott

July 6,2017 To the Mayor McClement and Board of Aldermen: Seven weeks ago you [Mayor McClement] claimed that NO PUBLIC MONEY would be going toward the Downtown Hotel and Conference Center; that in fact, Plamondon, the developer was paying for his Hotel and Conference center all by himself! That doesn’t ring true to me. Already, […]


Maryland is paving the way for commercial solar power plants to become pollinator friendly

Read all about the Pollinator-Friendly Designation (SB1158) as reported by Community Renewable Energy’s Rebecca Rush.