SAVE the Birely Tannery! – HPC Vote, Thursday Sept 14 @ 6pm, City Hall –

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Birely Tannery must remain to demonstrate to citizens and visitors alike, that Carroll Creek is more than a new concrete aqueduct, that a living creek useful to industry is historically integral to downtown Frederick’s prosperity and development.21432815_10210167606687560_7402214382836625385_n

Birely Tannery represents our last remaining example of the early pre-industrial growth of the City of Frederick. Without the tanning industry, Frederick might never have grown from the small downtown nucleus of about 200 houses (most log structures) to become a thriving business center.

Tanning made the surrounding farms more profitable by adding marketable hides to their dairy and meat production. The labor and finished goods increased output and was the greatest growth industry after years of small-scale tradesmen such as coopers, tinsmiths, tailors, and tavern keepers. Most raw goods originated from sources outside town, but the tanneries concentrated activity and increased and centralized commerce. Prior output and wealth generators did not use a town location, grain and iron and glassworks situated on land near timber and transported to larger markets directly. There would be no other concentrated town industry until vegetable canning was created.

The City of Frederick’s historic character attracts visitors and enhances our quality of life. It comes from saving more than facades; it comes from authenticity and intact historical structures residing within the downtown district.

Friends of Frederick County supports maintaining the structural integrity of this last standing tannery in the state of Maryland, protecting its rich archaeological site rendering rare artifacts of early industry, slave and freed man labor and life along the Carroll Creek and recommends restoring it a to near-operable condition, providing a greater draw and a more interesting and educational experience for downtown tourism.

Time is of the essence.

  • Please join Friends of Frederick County in sharing this message with a friend, utilizing social media, printing and posting publicly.  PRINT OUT SAVE BIRELY TANNERY FLYER HERE!

  • Please reach out to local representatives, and most importantly to the City of Frederick Historic Preservation Commission to vote to SAVE BIRELY TANNERY from demolition.

  • Attend the Public Meeting at City Hall this Thursday, September 14 at 6pm.