Addressing the local food challenge in our Livable Frederick Master Plan

As a participant on the Agricultural Preservation and Economic Development Working Group for the Livable Frederick Master Planning, some of Community FARE’s recommendations made it into the DRAFT plan (see pg 122).  Check them out! Goal: Good Nutrition  Facilitate the beneficial, physical and mental health outcomes of eating healthy foods by ensuring that healthy food choices […]

Regenerative Agriculture: for soil, water, biological diversity, animal and human health

(Febr 21st 2018) Check out the data in Lisa’s slide show.  Ron Holter of Holterholm Farms gave a terrific introduction into rotational grazing, forb diversity, soil health and the striking economic gains when favoring the biological strategies versus chemical.

Maryland is paving the way for commercial solar power plants to become pollinator friendly

Read all about the Pollinator-Friendly Designation (SB1158) as reported by Community Renewable Energy’s Rebecca Rush.

Monrovia Town Center case heads back to Circuit Court

When: Tuesday, May 9th On May 9th at 9am, the Monrovia Town Center (MTC) case goes back to the Circuit Court. As you may recall, we’ve been there before. Over two years ago, following RALE’s appeal of the controversial approval of the proposed greenfield development in Monrovia by the Blaine Young Board of County Commissioners […]

Go shopping at the Common Market Coop – and raise money for great work in Frederick County…now through June

Help raise funds for Friends of Frederick County, Community F.A.R.E., Stream Link Education and Community Renewable Energy simply by reusing your shopping bags!  Shop at the Common Market now through June; for every reusable bag you use, you raise money for us!

Chesapeake FoodShed Network Coffee Talk: Can Maryland agriculture support local?

The Chesapeake Foodshed Network is a group of organizations, agencies, and individuals working across the Chesapeake watershed to build a stronger and more resilient food system.  CFN hosts coffee talk webinars;  Community FARE participated in today’s webinar “Maryland Grown:  A review of production and consumption in Maryland.  Participating with CFN was the John Hopkins Center for […]

6/04/15 FoFC weighs in on ethics in Frederick County

At the recent June 4, 2015 Ethics Task Force meeting FoFC submitted recommendations and considerations on the following topics under discussion by the Ethics Task Force: Conflict of Interest Code of Conduct Independent Ethics Commission Investigative Powers Enforcement Lobbying Provisions Campaign Finance and Public Ethics Law (and Ex parte) Financial Disclosure Ethics Education Read FoFC’s […]

Monrovia Town Center and the Remand Order

When things do not seem to make sense, something usually is amiss. Land Use Attorney, Michele Rosenfeld, offers the essence of the remand order in her letter to County Council President, Bud Otis. Her letter helps to clarify the importance of looking at all the facts and understanding the importance of the administrative record. Attorney Rosenfeld, […]

May 2nd Rock Creek clean up a success!

With 13 volunteers this Water Watchers teams collected much more trash than expected!  Go team.  Thanks to Pam and Heather for their wonderful coordination of the day’s event. To join future cleanups please send an email to:

Smart growth and water quality

Watch this video on growth and impacts upon the Chesapeake Bay.  Smart growth really is one answer.